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Life runs at too fast a pace too to be slowed down by undependable vehicles that don't start or that die on the side of the road. You can count on Satterfield Wrecker Service to come to your aid, tow you back to the shop and get you running again as soon as possible.

Is your car in need of maintenance or a repair?
It is just common sense that a well-maintained vehicle will perform more optimally for longer periods of time. When it is time for your next tune-up, tire rotation or oil change, you can call our qualified technicians to keep you running your best.

Do you have an old junker sitting in your driveway that needs to go?
You (and the neighbors) are probably more than ready to see that old eyesore leave. Just give us a call and we will be right over to haul it away for you.

Don’t pay us – we’ll pay you!
If you have a car no longer working and ready to be salvaged, give us a call. We will be right over to get it out of your way and pay you in the process.

Get to Know Satterfield Wrecker Service:

  • Towing – Reliable AAA 24-Hour Emergency Service.
  • Auto Repair – Dependable mechanical car repair.
  • Used Parts – Trustworthy rebuilt and used parts.

A second opinion may be a good idea!
Even if you have taken your car to a different shop for their estimate, we would be happy to assess and diagnose your car’s challenge. Another opinion may save you money in the long run.

You can rest assured that you are getting the best service at the best price!

Fast and friendly, dependable engine repair and maintenance!
Call 573-471-8261 to get your FREE estimate to rebuild your transmission today.

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